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August 10, 2017
Key Points about Supply Chain Finance

Key Points about Supply Chain Finance

Companies considering putting a program in place should think about access to capital, the extent of the network and the capabilities of the provider.…Read More

Further Changes for Money Funds?

Further Changes for Money Funds?

Proposed legislation in the House and Senate would let funds go back to using stable NAVs.…Read More


France, Germany Plan Crackdown on Tax Loopholes Used by Tech Giants

French Finance Minister Le Maire to put forward a proposal in September.…Read More

GOP Considers Mix of Temporary, Permanent Tax Changes

Shift from global system would likely be permanent, sources say.…Read More

Retirement Plans May Not Be Safe From Tax Reform

Tax-preferred treatment of contributions to qualified retirement plans is still under discussion.…Read More

European Cyber Victims Rack Up Hefty Costs

Companies affected are reporting losses totaling hundreds of millions of dollars.…Read More

Worsening Mortality Trend Saves Companies Money

Life expectancy gains have stalled, which means lower pension costs, …Read More

Wall Street Claim That Rules Imperil Trading Is Undercut by SEC

The impact of regulations on liquidity is unclear, SEC economists say.…Read More

British American Tobacco Sells Second-Biggest Bond Deal of Year

The $17.25B of debt will finance BAT's purchase of Reynolds American.…Read More

Tesla To Sell First Bond Issue

Offering of $1.5B will fund Model 3. …Read More

Rethinking Working Capital Management as Interest Rates Rise
August 30, 2017 at 2:00 pm ET
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