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October 20, 2016
Driving a New Standard in Cross-Border Payments

Driving a New Standard in Cross-Border Payments

How both banks and corporate banking customers can benefit from SWIFT’s new global payments innovation (GPI) initiative.…Read More

3 Potential ‘Black Swans’ to Watch For

3 Potential ‘Black Swans’ to Watch For

The markets today are ‘even more susceptible’ to black swan events than before, according to 3EDGE’s president Stephen Cucchiaro.…Read More


Treasury Adjusts Rules Aimed at Curbing Inversions

Final regs exempt cash pooling, give companies until 2018 to document related-party lending.…Read More

Money Fund Changes Give Rise to Possible New Threat

Quest for yield creates interest in ultra-short-term bond funds.…Read More

Investors Are Flying Blind

Money fund reforms further compound problems of investor visibility, as traditionally reliable indicators misfire.…Read More

The Case for Fiscal Policy to Boost Growth

Vice chair of the Fed says a combination of private investment, infrastructure spending, and effective regulation are likely to promote growth.…Read More

U.K. May Take Years to Sign New Trade Deals: WTO Economist

Leaving the EU would require the U.K. to submit its own schedule of tariffs, and all of its trade partners would have to agree to them.…Read More

U.K. Loses Ground as Location for Investment

Survey shows Britain is less popular as an M&A destination in the wake of Brexit.…Read More

Window to Address Chinese Corporate Debt 'Closing Quickly': IMF

China's total debt has ballooned in the last decade, putting it at risk of a painful deleveraging.…Read More

China's Currency Dilemma Deepens

Renminbi is gaining against most of its peers as Chinese economic growth sags.…Read More

Top Strategies to Optimize Payables and Working Capital Management
October 18, 2016 at 2:00 pm ET
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