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June 25, 2015
How to Build Solid Cash Flow Relationships

How to Build Solid Cash Flow Relationships

An approachable collections function is equivalent to money in the bank. Incorporating sales best practices into collections can significantly shorten the order-to-cash cycle.…Read More

Slow Start for eBAM

Slow Start for eBAM

Adoption of electronic bank account management has been limited, but the need to comply with FBAR may move things along.…Read More


Worst yet to Come in Currency Volatility

Some expect 2015 to be the worst year ever in terms of the impact of foreign exchange on corporate earnings.…Read More

Will the Eurozone Move to a Common Treasury?

Report from EC president proposes single Treasury and emphasizes importance of strengthening banking union with deposit insurance, reduced national discretion in bank rules.…Read More

Fight over Income Disclosures Escalates

SEC may vote as early as August 5 to require public companies to publish ratio of CEO pay to salary of average worker.…Read More

Talks Under Way to Add Patent Box to U.S. Tax Code

Some businesses would win, some would lose, under proposals lawmakers are drafting to impose a lower tax rate on income generated from intellectual property housed in the U.S.…Read More

Impact of the Slowdown in China

New report suggests exporters in developed nations should be bracing themselves for a significant reduction in Chinese demand.…Read More

Riding the Bond Roller Coaster

Why supposedly safe investments in longer-dated Treasury bonds are currently so volatile, while equity markets are unusually stable. …Read More

Wall Street May Save Billions on Swaps

Regulators reconsider whether to require banks to post collateral for swaps deals with their own foreign affiliates; advocates of the collateral rule say it would protect U.S. taxpayers.…Read More

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