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January 12, 2017
Practical Advice for CAMT053 Early Adopters

Practical Advice for CAMT053 Early Adopters

For companies considering receiving bank statements in the CAMT053 XML standard, here are the pros, cons, and questions to get answered. …Read More


Appetite for Corporate Debt Keeps Issuance Boom Alive

Debt sales during the first week of January were strong.…Read More

Catastrophe Losses in 2016 Were Highest in Four Years

Almost 30 percent of last year's losses were insured, while the uninsured losses remained substantial at 70 percent.…Read More

Trump’s Border-Tax Threat May Weaponize the Dollar

Things may even out in the U.S., but emerging markets will suffer.…Read More

Trump Tax Cut Could Add $8.2B to Reynolds Price Tag

BAT made $47 billion buyout offer for Reynolds in October.…Read More

Polarization Heightens Risk: World Economic Forum

Rising inequality and climate change are expected to shape the next decade.…Read More

Businesses' Confidence Is Up; Now to Get Them Spending Again

Small firms join consumers in being most upbeat in 12 years.…Read More

Fed Official Urges Congress to Reconsider Volcker Rule

Powell also calls for more monitoring of financial risks.…Read More

IBM Partners with Wall Street to Bring Blockchain to Credit Default Swaps

DTCC leads effort to move CDS payments, record keeping to blockchain by 2018.…Read More

Key Trends in 2017: Working Capital & Accounts Receivable
February 23, 2017 at 2:00 pm ET
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