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July 22, 2016
Calling All Innovators!

Calling All Innovators!

Now's the time to enter the 2017 Alexander Hamilton Awards; nomination period closes September 9th.…Read More

6 Tips for Safer Business Travel

6 Tips for Safer Business Travel

Employers should collaborate with employees who travel to ensure the travelers can stay as safe as possible.…Read More

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A Smarter Way Forward: De-risking and Optimizing Your Credit and Collections Processes

A Smarter Way Forward: De-risking and Optimizing Your Credit and Collections Processes

When customers don’t pay their bills, the company’s revenue stream takes a hit. This is an obvious business risk, but also one that’s complex to manage. For some companies, small shifts in the global economy wreak havoc on accounts receivable (A/R). …Read More


ECB May Add Stimulus Amid Brexit

Draghi signals Europe will respond as needed, using 'all instruments available within [the Governing Council's] mandate.'…Read More

Brexit Could Cut $40B from North American Company Profits

FiREapps sees FX volatility dragging down earnings…Read More

Companies Turn to Consultants for Help on Brexit

Businesses look for advice on dealing with the UK's departure from the European Union.…Read More

Why Corporate America's Borrowing Costs Keep Falling

Foreign demand helps U.S. corporate yields remain low.…Read More

HSBC Bankers Charged in U.S. Currency Case

Executives are accused of front-running a $3.5B FX trade.…Read More

Why Bank Capital Standards Aren't That Standard

Different countries implement Basel rules differently, according to a Fed paper.…Read More

IRS Corporate-Debt Rules Exceed Authority, Tax Lawyers Say

Rules are so broad that they hit companies' daily internal financing operations.…Read More

Currency Crisis Q&A: The Practitioners Guide to Navigating the Next Crisis
July 28, 2016 at 2:00 pm ET
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