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August 25, 2016
FAQ on FASB Changes to Hedge Accounting Rules

FAQ on FASB Changes to Hedge Accounting Rules

What you need to know about the upcoming exposure draft.…Read More

Working Capital Programs That Work Exceptionally Well

Working Capital Programs That Work Exceptionally Well

Alexander Hamilton Award winners in Working Capital Management used technology and cross-functional collaboration to dramatically improve the cash conversion cycle.…Read More


Calling All Innovators!

Now's the time to enter the 2017 Alexander Hamilton Awards; nomination period closes September 9th.…Read More

Derivatives Users Hit by Negative Rates

More traders of European futures and swaps may have to pay interest to banks for holding their collateral.…Read More

RBS Imposes Negative Rates on Trading Collateral

Bank estimates move will affect 60 large institutional clients.…Read More

U.S. Treasury Steps up Tax Pressure on EU

Apple tax dispute highlights concerns that European pursuit of corporate tax repayments will transfer revenue from U.S. to EU coffers.…Read More

Companies Chip Away at Loan Safeguards

Hunt for yield puts borrowers in the driver's seat.…Read More

Chinese Stocks and Bonds Attracting More Foreign Funds

Emerging markets including China have seen a boost since Brexit demonstrated risks inherent in developed-market investments.…Read More

Banks Sprint to Comply With Swaps Market Margin Rules

Rules could require more than $790B in collateral; U.S., Japan start Sept. 1…Read More

Safeguards Diminishing in Leveraged Loan Market

Investors' hunt for yield means demand eclipses supply in the leveraged loan market; some borrowers are taking advantage by changing agreement terms.…Read More

Currency Crisis Q&A: The Practitioners Guide to Navigating the Next Crisis
July 28, 2016 at 2:00 pm ET
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