Editorial Standards & Guidelines

Feature Articles
To provide deep coverage of complex topics, as well as an expert perspective on trends in treasury, finance, and risk management, Treasury & Risk now accepts bylined feature articles.

  • Every contributed feature article must be written by a thought leader in a topic area in which he or she has specific expertise.
  • The content of a contributed article must be original. The author is entirely responsible for obtaining necessary permissions and providing appropriate attribution for any quotes, graphics, survey data, or other third-party content the article contains.
  • Contributed articles must be written from the perspective of a thought leader who’s providing T&R readers with information that helps them become more effective in their jobs.
  • Contributed features cannot be promotional of any particular product, service, company, etc.

All feature articles for Treasury & Risk go through an extensive acquisition and editing process. The first step in that process is to contact Meg Waters, editor in chief, to discuss possible article topics.

Please note that all decisions regarding the acquisition and revision of Treasury & Risk feature articles, case studies, and news are strictly editorial in nature. They are never influenced in any way by advertising or sponsorship.

All Treasury & Risk news stories are written by Treasury & Risk staff or reporters from Bloomberg or another news organization. If you know of a news item that you think is appropriate to our publication, please contact Meg Waters.

Case Studies
Treasury & Risk complements its feature articles and news stories with case studies written in Q&A format. We are always looking for companies that have done innovative things in treasury, finance, and risk management. If your organization fits this description and you’re interested in participating in a Q&A case study, please contact Meg Waters.

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