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The Top 5 Reasons to Go Paperless in Treasury

Original Broadcast Date: Thursday, August 16, 2012
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WAUSAU Financial Systems

Treasury management has traditionally been one of the most paper-intensive processes in any bank, requiring several approval layers, lots of documentation and detailed on-boarding procedures involving multiple stakeholders.

A paperless treasury environment removes much of the complexity and cost from the traditional on-boarding process, speeds service delivery (and, in turn, time-to-revenue) and frees sales teams to focus less on paperwork and more on improving the customer experience and generating revenue.

Hear about Washington Trust Bank, the oldest and largest privately-owned commercial bank in the Pacific Northwest, and their personal experience in taking their Treasury department paperless.

In the webinar, learn how the $4 billion-asset Spokane, WA-based bank has:

  • Reduced their fulfillment process by 10-15% - through quicker routing of documents
  • Improved fulfillment time by two days, from signature to delivery
  • Used paperless technology and the iPad to initiate orders and close the sale immediately with the signing right at the customer's officeli>
  • Reduced and virtually eliminated the misfiling or loss of documents while improving access to archived documents

Join us to discover best practices and five great reasons you go paperless in your Treasury department. Isn’t it time you enable your sales team to spend less time pushing paper and more time in front of your customers closing business?

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Featured Speakers:

Joe Pitzo
ECM Solution Manager
WAUSAU Financial Systems

Jos is responsible for WAUSAU Financial Systems’ Enterprise Content Management solution line, which includes distributed capture, archive, reporting and analytics, and business process management solutions. Joe has served WAUSAU for nine years as an ECM solution manager, ECM product manager, and business analyst. During this time, Joe has worked with WAUSAU’s top financial institutions to provide innovative, patent-pending products and solutions, as well as business process management consulting. Joe is the primary inventor of WAUSAU’s e-CaptureXpress paperless solution, which has received innovation awards from BAI and BankNews. Joe has spoken at a number of conferences including AFP’s Treasury Management Conference, BAI Retail Delivery and Global Concepts Strategy Forum on the benefits of electronic signature and business process management solutions.

Vicki Holzemer
V.P., Senior Information Technology Project Manager
Washington Trust Bank

Vicki Holzemer is the V.P., Senior Information Technology Project Manager for Washington Trust Bank. Washington Trust Bank is the oldest and largest privately owned bank in the Pacific Northwest. It is headquartered in Spokane, Washington and is 4.2 Billion in Total Assets with over 40 Financial Centers located in Washington, Idaho and Oregon.

One of Washington Trust Bank’s key strategies is to become a Paperless Bank and Vicki will lead this as the Project Manager. In late 2011 Vicki led the first Paperless Project - Treasury which was implemented successfully in 2012. Vicki is certified in Lean and has implemented many process improvement changes throughout the bank. She has two other paperless projects in the planning stages to implement this year and is currently planning the next few years’ paperless projects.

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