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Treasury Transformation: 3 Global Success Stories

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In global business, the only constant is change. For treasury, change often means retooling processes and reconsidering the goals, structure, and purpose of the treasury function. Join us as we announce the recipients of the 2017 Alexander Hamilton Awards in Treasury Transformation and they share their transformative stories.

Each of our finalists will discuss their successful and dynamic approach to managing treasury’s evolution within their respective companies. You’ll learn how the HP treasury team handled splitting in two after the largest divestiture ever in the tech sector, how Bharti Airtel restructured its treasury function after becoming a multinational company, and how Toyota Financial Services developed an asset liability management solution to measure and manage risk better.

Attend this complimentary webcast to:

  •  Learn about innovative approaches you can use to help manage treasury in an evolving global business landscape
  •  Gain industry-leading insight and secrets to success from award-winning companies
  •  Find out which of the finalists win the gold, silver and bronze award
  •  Earn CTP credits from the AFP*


Featured Speakers:


Zac Nesper, VP and Assistant Treasurer for HP, will discuss how the company’s unified treasury team prepared to split in two after the company embarked on the largest divestiture ever in the tech sector. Amid many other responsibilities, treasury staff oversaw the creation of 769 new bank accounts in 65 countries, cash pools and in-house banking capabilities to serve the new global organization, and new processes and systems for managing FX and interactions with capital markets.


Sylvia Baharet, Treasury Strategy and Analytics Manager, will talk about how Toyota Financial Services developed an asset liability management (ALM) solution to provide analytics and risk metrics that help Toyota sales finance companies better measure and manage interest rate and liquidity risks.

Sidhanth Hota, Group Funding, Risk, & Markets Manager, will describe how Bharti Airtel restructured its treasury function after an acquisition transformed the telecom giant from a single-market operator doing business only in India, to a regional enterprise with operations in 18 nations across South Asia and Africa. The treasury group had to not only redesign processes, but reconsider its entire objective and role within the organization.


Michael Fossaceca, Managing Director and North America Region Head of Citi Treasury and Trade Solutions. A business unit of Citi’s Institutional Clients Group, Treasury and Trade Solutions provides integrated cash management and trade finance services to multinational corporations, financial institutions and public sector organizations across the globe.

Harjeet Kohli, Group Treasurer of Bharti Airtel

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