From the July-August 2004 issue of Treasury & Risk magazine

I BAM. You BAM. We All BAM.

Pulte Mortgage LLC managers remember all too well the days not so long ago when they had to scour through batch reports on hundreds of loans to make sure a sales agent hadn't missed an appraisal deadline or failed to contact a homeowner before a mortgage closing. Both are potentially costly mistakes for the company's parent, Pulte Homes Inc., the fourth-largest U.S. homebuilder. And in the dark days, managers reluctantly concede that, no matter how diligent they were, some mistakes would slip by.

At Pulte's lending arm, the dark days are defined simply as the days before business activity monitoring (BAM). Since the adoption of BAM--a solution that gives managers dashboards on their PCs that tell them within seconds which loans need attention or which agent on which team hasn't fulfilled one of any number of assigned tasks--Pulte Mortgage managers can now make their parent look good. "It's real-time visibility into the business process, which is highly preferable to the traditional method of overnight batch reports," says Rod Hardin, chief information officer and senior vice president of the Denver, Colo.-based consumer loan subsidiary.


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