From the February 2005 issue of Treasury & Risk magazine

Don't Buy A Benefits Policy, Buy A Benefits Process

Cort Business Services was tired of being had. The privately held Fairfax, Va.-based furniture rental company, with average annual revenues in the $450 million range, had the customary internal approach to workers compensation claims and employee disabil-

ity benefits--two systems and two insurers. But, the lack of coordination between these systems and insurers rendered Cort vulnerable to fraud. "We'd have employees call up claiming to have a non-work-related injury, and after they found out they couldn't collect as much money by being out on disability, they'd call back a different part of the company and say they had a work-related injury," says Jeff Seidman, Cort's vice president of human resources. "Neither side knew what the other was doing. The system got played."


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