From the December-January 2007 issue of Treasury & Risk magazine

Healthcare in a Click

Should an employee select a healthcare insurance provider the same way he or she might select a potential mate on an Internet dating site? Asparity Decision Solutions Inc., a provider of benefit and risk management solutions, doesn't see why not.

Asparity's online benefit management tools are designed around the idea that the system works more efficiently and costs can be controlled better when employees choose plans based on the tradeoffs--cost versus service--they are willing to make. The process begins with an employee answering a series of questions about what is really important to them in a healthcare insurance plan and what tradeoffs they are willing to make to satisfy those priorities. For instance, would they prefer a health plan with a 92% consumer satisfaction rating and a $200 monthly payment or one with a rating of 68% and a $40 payment? The tool's engine then ranks the available plans--showing the employee estimates of each plan's total cost to the employer, as well as out-of-pocket employee expenses. Like online dating, it selects your matches and then guides the employee through the order of plans that best meet his or her needs. The Asparity system can also estimate whether an employee will save money using a health savings account.


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