From the September 2007 issue of Treasury & Risk magazine

Filling in a Big Gap

With a new foreign exchange exposure management solution from FiREapps, Google Inc.'s Treasurer Brent Callinicos thinks he may have found a "nice piece of the financial risk management puzzle" that he has been seeking for years: A tool with which weary treasurers can project and update their potential FX and hedging exposure six months, even 18 months in the future. He is still testing FiREapps 4.0, which won't be officially released until September. But he concedes that FiREapps is offering a function he hasn't seen in other systems. "This seems to be addressing the biggest pain a treasurer faces, which is trying to figure out what you actually have to do," he says.

FiREapps 4.0 builds on the solid base of its existing software-as-a-service (SaaS) model and extends those capabilities with a new module called ForecastFX. FiREapps 4.0 is available as a suite or as two specific modules: the TransactionFX module, which addresses the balance sheet exposure management; and the ForecastFX module.


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