From the November 2008 issue of Treasury & Risk magazine

Gold AHA Award Winner in Retirement

After numerous acquisitions, Tyco International found itself with 20 distinct defined benefit pension plans at its U.K. businesses in 2003. The decentralized administration was cumbersome and lacked economies of scale, making it disproportionately expensive. Moreover, says David Charlot, director of capital planning and asset management, "the risk and effort were compounded as U.K. pension regulations were rapidly changing in reaction to significant funding deficits in many of the largest plans in the country."

In response to a clear need for change, the U.K. Common Investment Fund (CIF) was born. Over three years, Tyco's treasury led an initiative to leverage corporate investment expertise and the scale of the assets across the plans, while still providing each with the flexibility to tailor its investment policy.


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