From the March 2009 issue of Treasury & Risk magazine

Editor's Column

It's difficult to focus on the future when the here and now is such a drag--the latest wave of corporate defaults, the automakers ever on the bankruptcy brink and the benefits of the $787 billion stimulus still a distant dot on the horizon. Although uncertainty reigns, Treasury & Risk seeks a vision for tomorrow's treasury. There's no doubt that the financial meltdown has transformed treasurers into the present and future heroes of the corporate world. Savvy veterans believe that instead of defaulting to a survival strategy, treasury staffs must use the crisis and their newfound leading role in the corporate hierarchy to create a new and better order using the best technology has to offer, writes Senior Contributing Editor Richard Gamble in this month's cover story. But changing tried-and-true-processes is challenging, no matter how fast technology is evolving, writes Senior Contributing Editor Russ Banham in Revving Up Dashboards. Meanwhile, driving through these uncertain times is keeping Atlanta-based energy firm Southern Company's CFO Paul Bowers on the alert, this month's T&R's CFO to Watch. And, finally, despite the fitful regulatory environment surrounding hedging accounting rules and fair valuation, companies are still increasing their use of derivatives, according to T&R's annual Financial Risk Management Survey. No one has stopped thinking about tomorrow.


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