From the October 2009 issue of Treasury & Risk magazine

Beware of Fee Hikes

Watch out for rising bank fees. The troubled economy has "wreaked havoc on the banking industry, putting them in desperate need of capital," warns Peter Weiland, an internal consultant at Weiland Financial Group in Chicago. Many banks will turn to cash management fee increases to buoy sinking profits, he predicts. They'll raise fees now "because they need to and because they can," Weiland says. Cash management relationships are "sticky," and concern over access to scarce credit makes it even safer for banks to raise fees without fear of losing many customers, he argues.

In this environment, "account analysis statement neglect is no longer acceptable," Weiland insists. "Those who pay little attention to their statements will suffer bigger bank bills, broken budgets, failed audits and strained bank relationships." (Weiland's company sells cash management fee analysis software.)


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