From the June 2010 issue of Treasury & Risk magazine

The Big Fix

Pity the poor greenback no more. Not long ago pundits fretted over the dollar's losing dominance as the world's reserve currency. Even celebrities could do the math and reportedly started demanding salaries paid in euros. Now forecasters sound just as grim about the euro. But chances are those pronouncements are premature as well, writes contributor Marine Cole in this month's Treasury & Risk.

And odds are that the big fix of the near-fatal defects in the U. S. financial system now before Congress will change everything about how deals are done and relationships made, writes T&R's senior contributing editor Richard Gamble. His perseverance got the powerful chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, Barney Frank, to give T&R an exclusive interview about what reform proposals could mean to treasurers and their companies.

Though finance pros have been choosing their words carefully in describing the broader reform picture, our survey this month confirms just how top of mind this issue is, with concern over regulatory risk surpassing last year's No. 1 worry, the economic slowdown. Gamble has captured a wide range of industry views in his second story in this issue, as well as in another insightful piece to be published as an Online Exclusive on our Web site when the June issue is posted.

Meanwhile, this issue carries T&R's popular annual list, the 100 Most Influential People in Finance. We are spinning off another set of Online Exclusives from this feature in the form of profiles of 10 who made the list. Check the T&R Express e-newsletter this summer. The themes that mark this year's 100 roster are guts, gumption and a global mind-set. Glory, it seems, might have to wait.


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