Treasury Tools

State Street, the Boston-based financial services firm, is offering a new service, Collateral Tracking, that lets asset owners, like pension funds, track the location and status of their collateral, providing more transparency and helping them monitor counterparty risks. State Street says Collateral Tracking expands the traditional custody job of moving clients' collateral according to their direction, and automates the process. The new service, which will be offered as an option to State Street's customers, also lets them run reports on their collateral.

Institutional Cash Distributors, a San Francisco-based money market fund portal, says it has enhanced its Transparency Plus money market fund exposure analytics by adding the ability to quickly determine a portfolio's exposures by country. The Country Exposure Report uses a map to show data on the country exposure in a company's money fund portfolio, letting treasurers see the countries in which they have the greatest concentration of holdings. The Country Exposure Report will also be part of the monthly comprehensive report that ICD provides to its clients, the company says.

CoCoNet, an e-banking software solution provider based in Germany, announced the launch of Multiversa EBICS App, an e-banking application for smart phones and other mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, BlackBerries and Androids. CoCoNet says the application lets companies manage their bank accounts in Germany, France and other European countries with high levels of security and service quality using EBICS. The app uses Distributed Digital Signatures (DDS), according to CoCoNet.

Fincad, a provider of financial risk management software and services, says it has add functionality to its Fair Value Insight system that allows treasurers to test the effectiveness of their foreign exchange cash flow hedges, as required under hedge accounting rules. The ability to do the required tests in Fair Value Insight will save customers time and also reduce the manual errors possible when such tests are done manually, Fincad says.


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