PR: Unrest overseas may limit political risk coverage

London, UK, April 18, 2011
- Companies operating in politically volatile regions of the world may soon find they are unable to retain sufficient insurance coverage to protect their assets and staff, according to a new report by global insurance broker, Willis Group (NYSE: WSH). These companies also run the risk of discovering that their existing policies may not necessarily cover the type of political unrest that is occurring in the Middle East, North Africa and Asia.

The report, entitled "Mind the Gap", observes that insurers that currently offer protection against political risk and terrorism are re-evaluating the terms and prices of their policies to reflect the ongoing turmoil in the Middle East and heightened civil unrest unfolding in other regions of the world. Willis says that it is as yet unclear whether insurer appetites or abilities going forward will become more restricted by the application of country or territory limits.


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