From the February 2012 issue of Treasury & Risk magazine

Cyber Security Review

As threats proliferate, here are five areas where companies need to strengthen and update their policies and practices.

It’s particularly galling when a company specializing in security issues gets monumentally hacked. That was the case for Stratfor, which suffered a massive data breach just before the holidays that exposed thousands of client names, e-mail addresses and credit card numbers. Adding insult to injury, hacktivist group Anonymous revealed on Twitter that it was able to get at the data because the company hadn’t encrypted them, according to the Associated Press. Stratfor’s travails serve as a re- minder to all companies that they need to get their cyber security policies and practices in order. Here are some issues to consider.

1. Beware of the mobile threat.

3. Prepare for breaches.

No system is completely hacker-proof. If a security hole—or human error—allows key data to leak out, companies must be ready to deal with it quickly and effectively. And that’s going to require more effort than before.

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