Treasury Tools

SunGard Global Network; JP Morgan Treasury Services; IT2 Treasury Solutions

In a move to expedite corporate treasuries’ short-term investing, the SunGard Global Network’s Short-Term Cash Management Portal now allows users to authorize money-market trades from mobile devices such as phones or tablets. Mike Vogel, senior vice president in SunGard’s wealth management business, says the new capability is part of the “heightened awareness” of cash management that developed in the wake of the financial crisis, with corporates paying more attention money markets, risk and liquidity. Companies often require two levels of authorization for money market trades. In response to that, “dual authorization is something we added to the portal a couple of years ago, and now we’ve made it mobile as well,” Vogel says. Institutional investors have more than $100 billion of funds invested through the Short-Term Cash Management Portal, he says. Trade authorization is the portal’s first mobile capability, Vogel says, but adds that “SunGard as a whole is certainly focusing on applications that acknowledge the more mobile workforce.”

J.P. Morgan Treasury Services says it has completed its electronic bank account management (eBAM) central utility pilot. The test, undertaken with three of the bank’s big clients—Fujitsu, MetLife and SWIFT Treasury—deployed a single multibank platform used by both companies and their correspondent banks. J.P. Morgan’s pilot also featured a single connection used to communicate with multiple banking partners, digital signing using SWIFT 3SKey, and ISO 20022 message validation.

J.P. Morgan Treasury Services also announced the launch of an enhanced version of its currency web portal, Web Currency Services, which provides improved internal controls and expense and non-earning asset management. The portal lets companies view the history of their currency orders with J.P. Morgan’s network of more than 100 vaults across the country, as well as details on each of their cash deposits, including adjustments. The portal also uses intelligent forecasting algorithms to calculate and recommend cash orders or deposits for multiple locations, and provides clients with monthly reports and dashboards to show trends in deposits and currency orders.

IT2 Treasury Solutions has launched the latest version of its treasury management product, IT2 7.2: Treasury Transparency & Performance, which includes a second-generation eBAM solution and a new facility that allows corporates to manage collateral. The 7.2 version also has enhanced analytic capabilities and an improved interface that includes alerts allowing treasurers to manage their exposures in line with treasury policy.



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