From the June 2012 issue of Treasury & Risk magazine

Perils of Hands-Free Phoning

A verdict against Coca-Cola brings home the risks involved in using even hands-free cell phones while driving.

For years, Coca-Cola has barred employees from using cell phones while driving. But in May, a Texas jury awarded a woman $21.5 million in damages when her car was hit by a Coca-Cola employee driving a company car while using a phone with a hands-free headset. This was permitted under Coke’s cell-phone driving policy, as it is at many companies. The employee testified she would not have used the phone at all had company safety managers told her studies have shown even handless cell-phone use poses a greater risk of traffic accidents.

Coca-Cola concedes the employee was at fault but is contesting the amount of the award, noting that driving while using a cell phone is legal in Texas.


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