From the June 2012 issue of Treasury & Risk magazine

Treasury and Risk Management: Wired for the New World

Aligning corporate finance, treasury and risk functions require technology that is wired for the new world – built for change and for the way users work.  Technology for the new world goes beyond enabling otherwise disparate groups to communicate – it changes the conversation.  It gives leaders the mobility they need to drive the organization forward, and empowers groups to work together to deliver shareholder value. 

Many companies, however, are still operating with old world treasury management technology. According to Aite Group’s Enrico Camerinelli, “Many treasurers already use a standard treasury management system, but these same treasurers may feel constrained by the system’s inability to cope with increasingly complex requirements.” (Aite Report: Treasury Intelligence Management Systems – published 13 Dec 11)

 With this, companies are seeking technology that will allow them to gain the visibility necessary to make strategic business decisions.

Consulting firm Treasury Strategies marks the inflection point of treasury’s evolution toward an intelligence-enabled organization at the global financial crisis (Treasury Services Timeline,  – a point when companies could no longer look back if they were to survive in the new world, where crises are the norm and risk mitigation is at an all-time high. If this is where treasury is headed, then it’s the end of the treasury management system as we know it. 

Enter the TRM Software-as-a-Service Solution
If companies are seeking visibility to manage cash, liquidity, financial risk, hedge accounting and compliance all through a single solution, they are seeking qualities that characterize a Treasury and Risk Management (TRM) solution. These days, when market change is swift and regulatory change responds in kind, seamless information and fast time-to-market is paramount. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) can deliver. A TRM solution that leverages the cloud powers visibility within an organization so that they can operate and compete in the new world.

Awareness of risk, both in daily planning and long-term decision-making, puts the “R” in TRM – a key distinction that sets TRM apart from the outdated concept of tresury management systems.  CFOs and their treasurers worry about many different types of risk, particularly commodity risk, foreign exchange risk, interest rate risk and counterparty risk.

Enter Reval
A TRM SaaS solution provides the ability to see and understand how many of these risks are interconnected. Reval, a comprehensive and integrated SaaS solution for TRM, enables companies to achieve this with seamless information exchange internally and externally across bank accounts, cash and debt, investments and derivative portfolios, while providing advanced analytics to improve decision-making and control.

“Companies need to see information before they can act upon it,” Reval Chief Technology Officer Philip Pettinato says. “Reval not only creates the communications and connections that enable users to work seamlessly across the corporate value chain, but it also provides companies with the tools to analyze, test and enforce their decisions.”

Reval’s single-version TRM SaaS proactively makes those connections for all of its global community of users who want to spend more time as valuable partners in the business and less time worrying about the tools or data they will need to do their jobs.  It also extends its straight-through processing capabilities proactively through its STP Community of software and service providers whose critical third-party technologies are seamlessly integrated with Reval’s core, all-in-one SaaS solution. 

For finance, treasury and accounting groups, worldwide, Reval’s TRM SaaS solution seamlessly integrates robust global cash and liquidity management capabilities with award-winning financial risk management and hedge accounting functionality, enabling companies to optimize treasury and risk management activities across the enterprise for greater operational efficiency, security, control and compliance. With deep domain expertise and comprehensive functionality, Reval brings new world technology to the treasury organization.


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