Upgraded Tool for Financial Supply Chain

Deutsche Bank db-eBills solution is now part of the bank's Autobahn App Market, with a new name, a new look, and expanded functionality.

This week Deutsche Bank released a new application called Financial Supply Chain Manager, which replaces the bank’s db-eBills tool. Financial Supply Chain Manager is available through the Deutsche Bank Autobahn App Market, which provides a single point of access to 165 apps that offer a similar user experience and integrated reporting. Users can access appropriate Autobahn App Market applications via a Web browser, a toolbar that resides on their desktop, or a mobile device.

In addition to the confirmed-payables functionality that was available through db-eBills, Financial Supply Chain Manager gives users access to Deutsche Bank’s full portfolio of supply chain financing and accounts payable solutions. Still, the confirmed-payables functionality remains the solution’s sweet spot.

“Financial Supply Chain Manager is an easy-to-use tool for working capital optimization,” explains Graham Warner, head of online, mobile, and desktop client access products, Global Transaction Banking, Deutsche Bank. “Deutsche Bank provides financing to key suppliers of our clients, the buyers. The Bank purchases trade receivables on a non-recourse basis and settles with the buyers at the end of maturity. The supplier will see all the appropriate decision-making information, such as the rates, date of maturity, etc. The discounting can even be automated to occur every time the anchor client approves an invoice, and the data can flow directly into the anchor client’s ERP system.”


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