Treasury & Risk magazine September 2006



Washington Update

  • Washington Update

    Wasn't Sarbanes-Oxley supposed to cut down on financial restatements? Well, according to the Government Accounting Office, things have rarely been so bad. Between July 2002--when ...

Retirement & Benefits

  • A Legislated Shortcut

    The pension protection Act may have helped defined contribution plans more than defined benefit by giving a thumbs-up to automatic enrollment--an easy, but valuable, enhancement to a 401(k) plan

Risk Management

  • Climate Change

    After settling down post-9/11, the property insurance market has been roiled by the onslaught of hurricanes in 2005. Unfortunately, thanks to global warming, we may have a lot more pain ahead.

Tools & Technology

  • Room For One More?

    For now, BPM vendors may be talking about the virtues of having a marketing machine like Microsoft in their niche. Will they still be singing the same song if prices drop and several of them disappear?

Treasury Management

  • New Identity Police

    Citigroup is about to unveil a state-of-the-art Digital identity management system that will secure transactions between treasuries and banks and could one day extend to supply chain partners


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