Treasury & Risk magazine March 2007


  • Tricky Shortcuts

    It's been eight years since FAS 133 was adopted and still there is confusion about what it really says. Now, the debate is over using the shortcut for FX

  • Calling the Shots

    ServiceMaster Co. develops an aggressive approach to partnering with business units


Washington Update

News Briefs


  • Set for the Long Haul

    Software executive Jiro Okochi discusses ongoing struggles with FAS 133 and how fair value standards will impact hedge reporting

Governance & Accounting

Retirement & Benefits

  • Back from the Dead

    There has been considerable hand wringing over the fate of defined benefit plans. But, thanks to a combination of economic and legislative factors, DB plans have a new lease on life for once-skeptical companies

Risk Management

  • Banking on Odds

    Thanks to a perfect storm of perfect storms, the property catastrophe market was thrown for a loop in recent years, left with high premiums and limited coverage. But the capital markets are coming to the rescue

Tools & Technology

Treasury Management

  • Revving Up the Bond

    Hybrid bonds have typically been the province of financial companies, but other corporate issuers are beginning to see their attraction, especially when it comes to financing acquisitions


People on the Move

Editor's Desk

  • Earth to FSB

    Hello? Is there anyone home at the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB)? Admittedly, there is no shortage of examples of companies on the wrong side ...

Final Word

  • Taking the Lead

    There are at least three things businesses can do to help make healthcare consumerism succeed and more appealing to employees

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