Treasury & Risk magazine October 2007



Washington Update

News Briefs

  • They're Cool in Finance

    The herd mentality gets graduates moving outside corporate finance. Here's what companies can do to shepherd them back to business

  • Investors Rate the Agencies

    Credit rating agencies are coming under fresh criticism--this time for the role they have played in the structured finance market meltdown. Less than a year ...

  • Are Rates Ready to Rise?

    The subprime mortgage meltdown could make it harder for risk managers to purchase D&O policies, even after a downward trend in prices


Governance & Accounting

  • The Next Challenge

    While new guidance from the PCAOB will help management cut auditing fees, companies are still on their own when it comes to trying to translate compliance and risk management into great performance

Retirement & Benefits

  • How Am I Doing?

    Linking a portion of an employee's compensation to performance is, in theory, a good idea. But it doesn't always measure up in practice if the company turns out to measuring someone else's performance

Risk Management

  • Preventive Measures

    Although many were shocked when Mattel was forced to recall millions of potentially toxic toys made in china, it wasn't exactly a surprise. So why are so few companies prepared for the risk?

Tools & Technology

  • Real-Time Recipe

    Cognos' newest planning and performance management software depends on real-time numbers to help finance and operations know when a plan is going off track and the reason why

Treasury Management

  • A Four-Letter Word?

    SEPA is only months away from its official start date, and there are still as many questions as answers. but for those companies that have started preparations early, there should be rewards


  • EMC Still Hungry

    An operations background gives EMC CFO David Goulden insights into the numbers that a pure finance person might not bring to the table

People on the Move

  • People on the Move

    Visa Inc., the newly restructured San Francisco-based company comprised of Visa Canada, Visa USA, and Visa International, named Byron Pollitt Jr. CFO. Pollitt, 56, joins ...

Editor's Desk

  • Editor's Desk

    I love the 40 Under 40 issue--although it is a painful reminder that even if I worked in a finance department or treasury and was ...

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