Treasury & Risk magazine September 2007



Washington Update

  • The Fuss Over FAS Heats Up

    The clamor may be dying down following the latest Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) guidance, but debate over what many see as excessively complex and costly U.S. financial reporting procedures persists in less boisterous tones.

News Briefs

  • Lots of Cash, Little Faith

    Finance executives are jittery. That's no surprise considering the subprime meltdown.

  • Give 'Em A Tax Break?

    As if things weren't already tough enough for hedge funds and private equity firms, what with liquidity drying up faster than you can say Death Valley in the face of the subprime meltdown, yet another congressman is proposing yet another commission to study the impact of these funds on the...

  • A Way to Live Long And Large

    Given the potential for many baby boomers to outlive their retirement savings, companies should consider adding annuities to 401(k) plans, according to a recent report by Watson Wyatt Investment Consulting.


  • Taking a Long View

    Martin Mannion of Summit partners talks about the potential role for private equity as outside advisors with skin in the game

Governance & Accounting

  • Know Your Clauses

    Staying on the right side of a contract is a central governance issue for finance and legal at major corporations. Open Text now offers a tool that creates a contract and then helps you live up to it

Retirement & Benefits

  • Making Health Pay Off

    When it comes to wellness programs, money talks. And now that the the rules governing cash incentives have been clarified, a growing number of companies are making offers few employees can refuse

Risk Management

  • Filling in a Big Gap

    FiREapps is slated to release a new version of its foreign exchange management tool in September that addresses a treasurer's need to forecast FX exposures months, and even years, out

Tools & Technology

  • Quality Time for Data

    Distress over data quality and information integrity has jumped to the top of the list of IT concerns for the CFO, as companies recognize the impact that data quality has on shareholder value

Treasury Management

  • EIPP Illuminated

    Corporate resistance to EIPP is fading as CFOs recognize its value and vendors rise to the occasion. Now, companies can receive up to 95% of invoices electronically regardless of how they are delivered


People on the Move

  • Careers

    Cisco Systems Inc., the $28.5 billion networking equipment producer based in San Jose, Calif., has appointed Frank Calderoni CFO. Calderoni, the former senior vice president ...

Editor's Desk

  • Editor's Letter

    After six years as editorial director of Treasury & Risk, there are days when you feel like you've heard it all. Vendors promising this or ...

Final Word

  • Don't Blame the Tool

    ERP Implementations are always time-consuming, but they can prove less frustrating with a well-conceived process and experienced team

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