Treasury & Risk magazine April 2008



  • Treasury & Risk Retirement Survey

    With pressures mounting on retirement plans from a growing population of old people and sweeping changes in accounting rules, finance executives in the 2008 Treasury & Risk Retirement Survey seem ready to consider more substantial overhauls to institutions, such as the 401(k)

Washington Update

  • The New SOX Fan Club

    Now that Sarbanes-Oxley no longer strikes fear in the hearts of finance executives at big companies, they must face yet another auditing standard: FAS 161, which ups disclosure requirements for derivatives and hedge funds

News Briefs

Governance & Accounting

  • Sub Rosa Subprime

    Although many companies will not face proxy votes related to the subprime credit crunch, experts suspect that senior managements and boards will be confronted by a much feistier group of investors

Retirement & Benefits

  • Guardian Advisor

    Managed accounts may have been around for years, But they are apt to get a lot more attention now that they have been approved as an acceptable qualified default option for automatic enrollment

Risk Management

  • Avoiding Cost Shock

    Despite the options that a deregulated market for electricity offers, many businesses overlook opportunities to manage the exposure and ultimately gain more control over costs

Tools & Technology

  • Focusing on the 'R'

    Sap offers a suite of solutions that GRC experts say is the closest thing to an all-in-one tool that links risk management to strategy, planning and even performance management

Treasury Management

  • Bunker Mentality

    Is your treasury ready for a recession? consultant Jeffrey Wallace offers free advice on areas most likely to be affected by a slowdown and ways to prepare for, and possibly even avert, bad numbers


People on the Move

Editor's Desk

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