Treasury & Risk magazine December-January 2008



For Your Information (FYI)

Washington Update

News Briefs

  • Is the SEC Nervous?

    The SEC postpones Sarbanes-Oxley implementation for small businesses another year, taking time out to again reevaluate Auditing Standard 5

Governance & Accounting

  • A Pain in the FAS

    Few finance executives would argue that there is anything fair about FASB's new fair value rule, and once investors get a taste of its volatility potential, they may not sing its praises either

Retirement & Benefits

  • A Better Way to Default

    With automatic enrollment quickly becoming a standard, companies are looking for better returns on the default options they offer 401(k) participants who don't like to choose

Risk Management

  • Sweating Out the ERMs

    What's your ERM score? Standard & Poor's plans to answer that question. But, first, it's requesting suggestions about the evaluation process from those who are about to be judged

Tools & Technology

  • The Honeymoon's Over

    The marriage of Cognos and Applix has produced its first offsprings, and while the initial announcement is mostly about rebranding, the real integration will start in earnest next year

Treasury Management

  • A Mini Revolution

    Retail operations face problems getting hard cash into the bank quickly. Now, banks are coming to them, through mini-vaults that let them deposit, get credit and sometimes even withdraw


  • Give Her Credit

    Wake up, credit unions. Denise McGlone is ready to teach you a few lessons when it comes to investing in derivatives and managing risks

People on the Move

  • People On The Move

    Merrill Lynch & Co., the $70.6 billion, New York-based financial manage ment and advisory company, has named Nelson Chai executive vice president and CFO. Chai, ...

Editor's Desk

  • A Happy New Year?

    If you look at a five-year chart of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, you would have to wonder what all the whining out of Wall ...

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