Treasury & Risk magazine March 2008

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Washington Update

  • CFOs May Rock Jailhouse

    The stakes just got higher for financial executives ensnared in the options backdating investigation. Former SafeNet CFO Carole Argo was sentenced to six months in prison and fined $1 million.

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Governance & Accounting

  • Unruly Behavior

    When it comes to executive pay, it is beginning to seem like no amount of rules or regulations will be enough to prevent determined senior executives from paying themselves more than enough

Retirement & Benefits

  • Monthly Check-in

    Annuities have rarely been the investment option of choice for most, but a couple of new products could let 401(k) participants reap some of the benefits of an investment that guarantees payouts for life

Risk Management

  • E-mail Double Yikes!

    Electronic transmissions can haunt companies forever. Still, one thing is certain: Too many don't have up-to-date policies on retaining documents that are needed and culling those that are not

Tools & Technology

  • Dashboards for Everyone

    Once an implement of the corner office crowd, dashboards are now being designed to not only drill deeper but provide more task-specific analytics making them perfect for managers toiling rungs down

Treasury Management

  • Labor's Capitalist Problem

    As more companies recognize the need to set up a treasury shop in China, the expectation is for a war over the limited pool of bilingual university graduates and seasoned executives with the right skills


  • Blazing Trails

    First, Paquette built a treasury where almost none had existed before, and now he's clearing the way for state-0f-the-art ERM

People on the Move

  • Careers

    Steven Mills; W. Paul Bowers; Steve E. Voskuil; Jolene Varney; Mark Gibbens; Kristi Matus; David Gutschenritter; Michael Monahan

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