Treasury & Risk magazine May 2008


  • New Challenges Shape Pay Levels

    Fearing proxy statement exposure, some companies are rejiggering compensation

  • Crunch Time for Treasury Financing

    Even companies that aren't forced to go to the markets (or their bankers) for new credit lines need to pay close attention to basic treasury management issues when markets are tough

  • Fixing a Broken Model

    What will it take for regulators to take rating agency reform seriously? The last round of reforms did little to protect investors against the subprime mortgage meltdown and now the cries for change are growing louder


  • 2008 Risk Management Survey

    You would think the ongoing weakness in the credit markets would have hit the insurance market that risk managers face. So far, the market continues on the soft side and that has helped keep the mood positive

Washington Update

  • Accounting for Accountants

    Financial Executives International (FEI) is urging the U.S. Department of Treasury to require U.S. auditing firms, like their European counterparts, to issue online transparency reports detailing important financial information and governance policies

News Briefs

Governance & Accounting

  • Rules of Engagement

    Decoding the 25,000 pages of FASB rulings is not a task for the faint of heart. But plans to distill the information into a single-source Web-based document should make the job a lot easier

Retirement & Benefits

  • Anemic CDHP Enrollment

    Consumer-driven health plans offer companies the promise of dramatic savings on insurance costs, but only if enrollment grows. Otherwise, they could remain a niche product

Risk Management

  • Cross-Border Data Patrol

    Multinationals need to replace their fragmented policies and legacy systems with ultra-safe, ultra-sophisticated and ultra-standardized platforms and practices

Tools & Technology

  • Bringing Out the Quant in All of Us

    RiskMetrics is bringing risk management to the masses. With the latest upgrade of RiskManager, you no longer have to be one of the best and the brightest to model investment probabilities

Treasury Management

  • Playing it Safer

    Following the auction rate securities debacle, treasurers are rethinking strategies to avoid the next investment fiasco.


  • Careers

    Cummins Inc., the $13 billion engine manufacturer based in Columbus, Ind., promoted Patrick J. Ward to CFO from vice president and engine business controller, replacing Jean Blackwell


Editor's Desk

  • What a difference a year can make

    Our cover story on D&O insurance trends gives a detailed account of the surprising softness in much of that market, which has managed to hold up against renewed threats of subprime lawsuits

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