Treasury & Risk magazine December-January 2009


  • Dark, Stormy, Murky...That's the Good News

    Economists Stephen Stanley of RBS Greenwich Capital Markets, M. Cary Leahey of Decision Economics and Keith Wade of Schroders peer into the future.

  • Straining Resources

    As growing populations and ravenous markets consume more water, food, trees, metals and minerals, companies find reducing their footprints can lead to discovering new market opportunities in sustainability.


  • 2009 Biannual Economic Survey

    It's official. Ninety-six percent of senior financial executives agree we're in a recession. Still, they remain a little--not a lot--more hopeful about economic conditions a year from now.

For Your Information (FYI)

  • For Your Information

    THE LATEST NEWS: Treasuries Rely on Manual Practices; Which Companies Will Survive; Finance Exec. Confidence Eroded Since July; Auditors With IT Skills Will be Valued

Governance & Accounting

Retirement & Benefits

  • Part of the Cure

    The President-elect, Congress and business are poised for reform, but how fast can the change-resistant health care sector move?

Risk Management

  • Can XBRL Help?

    Using data tagging technology for risk management could improve transparency and comparability by standardizing the language.

Tools & Technology

  • Beware of Memory Sticks

    With job loss fears high, workers could be tempted to take sensitive corporate data to use in negotiating a job with a future employer.

Treasury Management


  • Safe, Secure and Sound

    The name Brink's has become synonomous with secure. CFO Michael Cazer says that applies to corporate risk management as well, providing the company with a balance sheet many would envy.

People on the Move

Editor's Desk

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