Treasury & Risk magazine June 2009



  • Risks Revisited

    Market turmoil and the recession have brought enterprise risk management (ERM) into sharper focus, say senior financial executives responding to Treasury & Risk's 2009 ERM survey.

For Your Information (FYI)

Governance & Accounting

  • The ABCs of GRC

    As regulatory risks loom, companies evaluate how to get more out of governance, risk and compliance software.

Retirement & Benefits

  • 401(k) Fees Showdown

    Although courts have sided with 401(k) plan sponsors in lawsuits over plan costs and revenue sharing, the government is preparing to pounce.

Risk Management

  • S&P Boosts ERM

    The rating agency is currently developing criteria and a methodology for its new enterprise risk management corporate ratings category.

Tools & Technology

  • Hasta la Vista?

    Sticking with the Windows XP system is becoming more complicated as the launch of Microsoft's newest operating system draws near.

Treasury Management

  • Payments Flow Faster

    A California water district and Union Bank develop a hybrid lockbox that streamlines check processing and ensures same day credit.


  • Trading on Challenges

    Incoming CFO Adena Friedman began her career at Nasdaq in 1993, long before it went public, officially became an exchange and expanded to several continents.

People on the Move

  • Careers

    Caroline Dorsa, Robert Olson, Brian Valentine, Frank Wilson, Sean Trauschke, John Pietrowicz

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