Treasury & Risk magazine May 2009


  • Doing Business in a Volatile World

    Despite growing global uncertainty and instability, companies have yet to take the same formal and measured approach to political risk as they do to managing other exposures.

  • No Rest on Retirement

    Although a few companies had made savvy moves with their plans before the crisis hit, the ailing economy is prompting many to freeze their pension plans and eliminate matches for 401(k)s.

  • Compensation Cyclone

    The economic storm, plunging share prices, underwater stock options and public fury over bonuses point to a dramatic drop in executive pay in 2009.


  • Risks Mount in Retirement Plans

    The volatility in financial markets has resulted in another bad year for companies' retirement plans, and the more than 330 finance executives who responded to Treasury & Risk's 2009 Retirement Survey seem to be taking a fairly downbeat view.

For Your Information (FYI)

Governance & Accounting

  • Fair Value Twist

    FASB's new guidance on where on financial statements 'impaired securities' should be reported prompts a heated response.

Retirement & Benefits

  • Healthy Motivation

    As Congress considers universal health care, companies try to contain costs by making employees better consumers of health benefits.

Risk Management

Tools & Technology

  • A Better View of Banks

    As finance departments in search of liquidity develop relationships with more banks, Fundtech can help keep track of all the accounts.

Treasury Management

People on the Move

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