Treasury Tools

J.P. Morgan says that it will integrate IBM's expense management tools and services, IBM Global Expense Reporting Solutions, into its own corporate card solution to give companies greater control over their travel and entertainment spending. The bank says the IBM solution not only automates the process of managing T&E, but gives companies the ability to integrate their travel reservations as well. The transaction data from J.P. Morgan's corporate cards will flow into IBM's service. According to J.P. Morgan, the integrated solution will be offered to customers "at a significant discount."

Paychex, the Rochester, N.Y.-based provider of payroll and human resources outsourcing solutions, says it has a new Web page that provides businesses with information about the HIRE Act, the new federal legislation that provides companies with tax breaks for hiring unemployed people. The Web page includes a calculator that helps businesses estimate how much they could save in taxes by hiring an unemployed person. The HIRE Act gives a company that hires an unemployed person before the end of this year a break from paying the 6.2% employer share of Social Security tax for the rest of the year. Should that person remain on payroll for a full year, the employer could get an additional tax break of up to $1,000.


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