Press Release: Turnover lower at companies with flexibility culture: study

Feb. 14, 2011 (WorldatWork)--The higher an organization rates itself on flexibility offerings, policies and impacts, the lower the organization's voluntary turnover rate, according to a survey on workplace flexibility, released by WorldatWork.

This survey of more than 500 HR professionals and WorldatWork members found that flexibility is, in fact, flexible. Part-time schedules, flex-time and teleworking on an ad hoc basis top the list of offerings. These programs are each offered to some or all employees in more than 80% of companies, with 68% offering all three forms of flexibility. Other flexibility programs surveyed -- and found to be less prevalent -- include compressed workweek, job sharing, phased retirement, and career on and off ramps. On average, organizations offer six flexibility programs in varied ways to employees in varied positions.


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