Press Release: Trust in top execs doesn't come easy

Princeton (PRWEB) Feb. 17, 2011 -- The Employee Engagement Report 2011, which explores workplace attitudes among employees on four continents and is based on survey responses of nearly 11,000 employed professionals, also revealed that trust in executives has a stronger correlation to employee engagement than trust in immediate managers. Half of employees who trust senior leaders are engaged compared to 40% of those who trust their direct boss and 33% of the North American workforce overall.

"Our latest research is consistent with our pre-recession findings. Trust in leadership is an important factor in achieving high levels of engagement," said BlessingWhite CEO Christopher Rice. "Individuals can enjoy their work and have a strong sense of accomplishment, but if they don't trust their boss or their boss's boss, they'll begin to question how they fit in with the company and have less pride in the organization overall."


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