PR: Few companies want federally funded healthcare

INDIANAPOLIS, April 20, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Despite concerns about the impact of rising health care costs on their businesses and employees, only one in six employers (16.3 percent) say they favor a federally tax-funded universal health care system, according to the 2011 UBA Benefit Opinions Survey.

Nearly all (99.4 percent) top decision makers are concerned with the impact of health care costs are having or are going to have on their overall corporate costs, according to newly released data. More than 50 percent said it is a critical concern. Just slightly fewer (97.9 percent) are also concerned with the impact health care costs are having on their employees, up nearly 20 percent from three years ago and nearly identical to last year. These results were consistent regardless of industry, employee size category or geographic region. Additional findings presented in the survey include:


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