Honeybees Excel at Risk Management (HBR)

Bee colonies handle too-big-to-fail by swarming; employ distributed decision making.

Honeybees are masters of risk management, according to a Harvard Business Review blog post by Michael O’Malley, a beekeeper and HR consultant, who says bees’ procedures have provided the species with more than 100 million years of growth,

For example, honeybees manage the “too big to fail” risk better than banks: when a colony gets too large, a spin-off occurs as some bees swarm to form a new hive. In a contrast to the centralized decision making typical of corporations, honeybees employ distributed decision making, in which individual bees make choices based on the information available to them. And the career development the hive provides to bees ensures they’re capable of making good decisions.


Full HBR blog post.



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