Allison CFO Built Finance Engine from Scratch

Allison Transmission Finance Chief David Graziosi assembled the company’s finance function after it separated from parent GM.

When David Graziosi joined Allison Transmission as CFO, treasurer and executive vice president in 2007, the company’s finance operations were “essentially appendages” to those of its parent, General Motors. Allison’s separation from GM later that year, when it was purchased by Carlyle Group and Onex, gave him the opportunity to build Allison’s treasury, controller and tax functions from the ground up.

Graziosi, who had been through carve-outs before, says it’s important to start the process of constructing a finance operation by identifying an overall vision for what it will do. At Allison, he first looked at individual finance functions, such as financial planning and analysis, treasury, and regional finance, then considered what specialty skills he needed, while keeping in mind his plans for long term staff development.

In the wake of Allison’s IPO, the company announced in May that it was initiating its first dividend of 6 cents per share, which Graziosi calls a “strong signal of what we want to do with free cash flow.”

Allison is currently looking to expand into non-NAFTA countries, where there is low penetration of automatic transmissions and plenty of room for growth. The company recently started production into Hungary and India, and currently has more technologies under development than ever before. But Graziosi says expansion isn’t his biggest concern.

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