Bankers Divided on Impact of JOBS Act (Accounting Today)

Investment bankers surveyed saw both pros and cons in recently enacted legislation.

The investment banking community has a nuanced view of the JOBS Act, according to a study by accounting and consulting organization BDO. The majority believe that it will impact the IPO market positively, and approve of provisions to allow crowdfundings and repeal the ban on publishing analyst research for IPOs.

55% of investment bankers think the act will increase the number of IPOs on the U.S. market, according to the survey, but 55% also believe that scandals at newly public companies will be more likely with the decrease in regulatory requirements. While 52% of respondents didn’t feel concerned about how IPO pricings would change due to the JOBs act, the other 48% of bankers worried that lack of information would impact pricing negatively.

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