On-site healthcare a growing corporate trend

Large companies are moving toward on-site units to help curb healthcare costs.

Despite worries about post-Affordable Care Act costs for employers rising, worksite healthcare seems to be a growing trend, according to surveys from both Towers Watson and the National Business Group on Health.

“We found it interesting that there is a lot of support for onsite health centers,” says Allan Khoury, a senior health management consultant for Towers Watson. “Senior managers were satisfied with the concept and they remain satisfied—even a bit more satisfied—as time goes on.”

But according to Brian Klepper, principle and chief development officer for WeCare, which runs 26 worksite clinics for about 30 companies, most onsite health centers are not saving more money than they cost. Much of that is due to waste in the medical system, he says. He considers his company to be in the medical management business rather than the primary care business, focused on reducing costs through ensuring that patients only get services that are necessary for them, creating aggressive wellness programs, and using step therapy when prescribing drugs to put patients on the lowest cost drugs that work for them.

“People should be investing in a clinic only if they have a high confidence that they’re going to save more money than they’re going to spend,” he notes. “But what we see is that there’s just an immense amounts of money that employers shouldn’t be spending.”

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