Treasury Apps Take on Game Features

Touch screens and voice control enliven software and bank portals as more activity occurs on mobile devices.

Which treasurer on the beach is playing a video game on her iPad and which is accessing her treasury system to approve payments? It’s getting harder to tell, even if you get a glimpse of the screen, because the user-friendly features of the personal virtual world are spreading to the workplace.

Treasury systems vendor IT2 is following Microsoft’s lead and building its new version 8.0 to offer the touch-screen experience, says chief technology officer Paul Higdon. “Users will see live tiles that change color and intensity according to alerts, policy violations or work waiting to be addressed,” Higdon says. Microsoft is bringing touch screens to Windows 8 and Office 13 this fall, and IT2 will be touch-ready to capitalize on those latest releases, he says.

J.P Morgan immediately screens the check images for compliance with Check 21 standards; checks that don’t comply are rejected and the territory managers are notified so they can try again.

The bank forwards images of all the remotely deposited checks to US Foods’ cash application operation in Tempe. Without remittance documents, the hit rate for check payments is approximately 50%, Cheniae says. If just one or two invoices are being paid, the company encourages territory managers to write the customer number and invoice numbers on the front or back of the check, but the purpose of the program is to streamline the process for territory managers, not give them extra tasks, he explains.

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