China Most Threatening Force in Cyberspace, Panel Says

Chinese hackers intent on gathering intelligence rather than launching attacks, according to U.S. panel.

China is “the most threatening actor in cyberspace” as its intelligence agencies and hackers use increasingly sophisticated techniques to gain access to U.S. military computers and defense contractors, according to the draft of an annual report mandated by Congress.

Chinese hackers are moving into “increasingly advanced types of operations or operations against specialized targets,” such as sensors and apertures on deployed U.S. military platforms, according to the report.

Illegal Subsidies

Created by Congress in 2000, the bipartisan commission has reported on China’s economic and military rise, usually in critical assessments accompanied by recommendations for counter-actions such as trade sanctions. Its annual overview and a yearly Pentagon report are the two primary publicly available official assessments of China’s military developments.

Holiday Drop-off

This scale of Internet access “greatly influences the global volume of malicious activity,” the draft says.

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