Dashboard Analytics for Commercial Cards

New module for Web-based BofA Merrill reporting tool provides insights into clients' commercial card usage.

Bank of America Merrill Lynch has launched a new module for its Global Reporting and Account Management system, which is a Web-based reporting solution for Bank of America Merrill Lynch commercial-card programs.

Dashboard Analytics is designed to provide senior executives and treasury teams with new insights into the company's commercial-card activity. The module includes three views of corporate commercial-card data: a "Card Activity" dashboard, which tracks total transaction count or value by time period, spending category, or other dimension; a "Leader" dashboard, which tracks total spending or number of transactions by a company's organizational structure; and a "Negative Change" dashboard, which tracks significant decreases in spending or transaction count by a company's organizational structure.

Ultimately, Bank of America Merrill Lynch expects the Dashboard Analytics module to help clients make better decisions to improve working capital, negotiate better terms with key suppliers, and facilitate compliance with company travel policy.


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