Risky Business

Updated map shows threats of terrorism and political violence are easing in the West, but the world remains a dangerous place.

Aon Risk Solutions has issued its interactive 2014 Terrorism and Political Violence Map. Mousing over the map reveals a rating for each country, on a scale of 1 to 5, of the overall level of risk from terrorism and political violence to businesses operating within its borders. Users can also view ratings of business risk broken into subcategories: terrorism and sabotage; riots, strikes, civil commotion, and malicious damage to property; and insurrection, revolution, rebellion, mutiny, coup d'etat, civil war, and war. Aon developed the ratings jointly with the Risk Advisory Group plc.

Compared with last year's ratings, this year Aon gave reduced risk scores to 34 countries and gave increased risk scores to only four: Brazil, Japan, Mozambique, and Bangladesh. Brazil's rating rose from medium in 2013 to severe in 2014 because of last year's large-scale and violent anti-government protests, which Aon expects to continue. Japan's risk increased from negligible to low because of increased geopolitical tensions and the nation's rising military spending.


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