Cyber Threats a Focus for Risk Managers

Business interruptions and possible expiration of the federal backstop for terrorism coverage are also concerns.

Risk managers have plenty on their plates as 2014 begins. Cyber risk is front and center after the recent data breaches experienced by retailers, most notably Target. The possible expiration of the U.S. government’s terrorism backstop at the end of this year is another concern.

“This breach at Target, I think, is a wake-up call and should be a wake-up call for individuals as well as organizations,” said Al Gorski, chief risk officer for the Orange County Transportation Authority in Southern California and a board director at RIMS.

Catastrophes and Compliance

Leslie Lamb of Cisco SystemsLeslie Lamb, director of global risk management for Cisco Systems and also a RIMS board director, said cyber issues are a big concern for many companies, as are natural catastrophes. And catastrophes can result in business interruptions, another topic that risk managers are looking at these days, she said.

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