2013 Alexander Hamilton Awards

Treasury leaders from GM, Microsoft, Honeywell, Ford, and other top organizations described award-winning projects and lessons learned.

Congratulations to all the winners of the 2013 Alexander Hamilton Awards!

To recap, the winners in each category were:


Cash Management, companies over $10 billion annual revenue:

GOLD:  General Motors
           Streamlining One of the World's Most Complex Treasury Functions

SILVER:  Honeywell International
           Taking up the Slack in APAC

           Treasury as Painter of the Big Picture


Cash Management, companies under $10 billion annual revenue:

GOLD:  Active Network
           Setting Wheels of Change in Motion at a Big Banking Partner

SILVER:  CoreLogic
           Deriving Optimal Value from Custodial Funds


FX & Financial Risk Management:

GOLD:  Ford Motor Company
           Counterparty Risk Management as an Art—and a Science

SILVER:  Honeywell International
           Venturing Outside the Treasury Comfort Zone

BRONZE:  Toyota Financial Services
           Continuous Innovation in Funding Tools


Enterprise Risk Management:

GOLD:  Microsoft
           Bird's-Eye View of Corporate Risk

SILVER:  University of California
           Repositioning ERM as Collaborative Risk Management

BRONZE:  Siemens Capital Company
           Revamping Credit Management Around the World


You can hear the winners describe their projects, best practices, and lessons learned in the archive of our Alexander Hamilton Award webcasts for each category. Thank you to our sponsors, Kyriba and Strategic Treasurer, whose support made the contest possible.

Check back with Treasury & Risk around June 1 for details about the submission process for entries in the 2014 Alexander Hamilton Awards contest.


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