Lessons Learned from 1,000 Data Breaches … and Counting

Companies are primarily focused on protections when instead they should be considering what to do after the systems are breached.

Do you know your enemy? Are you fighting the wrong war? Despite everything you’re read about cyber security, despite all the breaches in the news, the fact is: Well-intentioned businesspeople are still surprisingly behind the times. 

Thieves and hackers are by no means the main cause of data breaches. Cyber security is just one element—because physical records, paper and files, continue to play a major role.  And too few managers understand that they remain responsible for lost information, even if no one’s noticed it’s been lost or taken advantage of the breach.

  • A doctor was in the habit of motorcycling to work. One day his briefcase came open. He arrived safely at his office, but hundreds of patient records were scattered three miles behind him.
  • One company’s security system was so complete that it guarded data against its own employees. Staff had to type in secret codes to get information using special terminals with security cameras watching everything over each one. An insider, however, was stealing employee identities. She stood behind friends while they looked up data and memorized the information.


What Are the Lessons? 

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