Integral Development Corp., a Mountain View, Calif., provider of FX trading solutions and services, says it has launched FX Cloud, a set of services that support the full foreign exchange trading lifecycle. According to Integral, FX Cloud will give FX market participants the tools they need. FX Cloud, which is built around Integral’s connectivity and trading network, FX Grid, includes a trade repository, real-time and historical data, analytical services, storage and algo hosting services. Integral says some services will be free and others will be fee-based.

Travelex Global Business Payments says its business customers can now trade in Chinese renminbi through Travelex’s GEO Global Clearing Network, which consists of Travelex-owned bank accounts in more than 70 countries. Travelex says the ability to trade directly with authorized Chinese companies will help customers mitigate foreign exchange risks.

Basware, a provider of purchase-to-pay solutions, says it has launched Basware Catalogs. The service will help suppliers improve the service they offer customers and allow buyers to connect with more suppliers worldwide, according to Basware. Basware Catalogs allows suppliers to create and maintain catalogs and post them to the network, including customer-specific catalogs.

XBRL US, a nonprofit consortium for XBRL business reporting standards in the United States, says the Corporate Actions Taxonomy is now available. The taxonomy, which covers corporate actions involving publicly traded companies such as mergers, dividends and stock splits, standardizes text about such events into electronic documents, ensuring that all parties involved receive the same version of the information. The taxonomy has 550 base elements, far fewer than the 18,000 elements in the U.S. GAAP Financial Reporting taxonomy. Citi is currently working on a pilot program using XBRL for corporate actions processing of dividend payments.