Optimizing Liquidity Management


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Date of LIVE EVENT: March 16, 2022

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For many corporate treasury teams, the sky is threatening to fall. Supply chain and staffing woes ‒ and the general COVID economy ‒ have been plaguing global businesses for the past two years. Even as these challenges remain unresolved, inflation is now spiraling higher, and interest rates are on the verge of a series of upward bumps. Survival through this “perfect storm” of market trends may require companies to have clear, real-time visibility into corporate liquidity. 

That’s why Treasury & Risk is focusing our first Alexander Hamilton Award webcast of 2022 on the Liquidity Management category. We will be presenting this year’s award during the live event on March 16, and will hear from our 2022 Liquidity Management Award winner, Cenveo, about how that company’s treasury team leveraged sophisticated analytics technologies to automate and accelerate many aspects of treasury operations. 

Not only did the Cenveo project improve the company’s cash forecasting accuracy, but it also dramatically reduced the amount of treasury staff time dedicated to rote tasks such as prioritizing outgoing payments. This freed up the team for more value-added activities. Today, Cenveo business leaders see treasury managers as valued strategic internal advisers, thanks in no small part to the results of the liquidity management initiative.

Join this webcast to:

  • Celebrate Cenveo as winner of the 2022 Alexander Hamilton Award in Liquidity Management
  • Kick off the 2022 series of Alexander Hamilton Award webcasts and articles.
  • Understand how Cenveo transformed liquidity management processes to improve visibility while reducing staff time required for cash forecasting and management.
  • Discover opportunities to improve treasury technologies or processes in ways that support business survival, and even growth, through turbulent times.

Join this Treasury & Risk webcast as treasury leaders in each of these organizations discuss how they developed their successful projects and will describe lessons learned.

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Featured Speakers:

Benjamin Seal | VP, Treasury Services | Cenveo

Frank Coppola | SVP, Finance & Accounting | Cenveo

Bob Stark |Global Head of Market Strategy Kyriba