Treasury Transformation: Growing Your Organization Globally

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Date of LIVE EVENT: April 13, 2022

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Taking a successful domestic business global is an enormous challenge. To succeed at cross-border expansion, a company must build systems and processes to optimize cash balances, banking efficiency, payments, and risk management across various currencies and regulatory regimes. The complexity of treasury management grows exponentially when a company becomes multinational.

This year's Alexander Hamilton Awards in Treasury Transformation celebrate the experiences of two organizations that leveraged the challenges inherent in global growth to revamp their fundamental treasury activities. As a result, their treasury teams became much more efficient and effective.

At Maryland-based telecom provider Ciena, rapid international expansion required a complete overhaul of the treasury function. Among other transformational changes, Ciena developed a new global banking structure that incorporates cross-border and cross-currency cash pooling, implemented multilateral netting, and centralized FX risk management with a newly formed hedge entity.

Tuzla, Turkey-based Sisecam had been growing for years into emerging markets, where the banking and regulatory landscape is quite different from more mature economies. Corporate treasury has always provided guidance to subsidiaries, but processes for gaining visibility into cash balances are labor-intensive and time-consuming. The company overhauled treasury to automate a wide range of manual processes and gained a 360-degree view into payments and liquidity.

Join this webcast to explore the significant quantifiable benefits both organizations have achieved, as well as the intangible improvements in managing their global treasury functions. Discover the lessons learned by the winning organizations and how other treasury teams might be able to leverage those lessons in their own transformational projects. You will:

  • Celebrate Ciena and Sisecam as winners of the 2022 Alexander Hamilton Awards in Treasury Transformation.
  • Understand how both companies built sophisticated treasury solutions that solve challenges around complexity, visibility, and manual workload in cross-border treasury management.
  • Learn from Ciena's and Sisecam's experiences to optimize benefits and avoid potential pitfalls as you manage multinational expansion.

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Featured Speakers:

Thomas Liu | VP & Treasurer | Ciena

Baris Gokalp | Treasury Director | Sisecam

Cihan Catakli | Financial Technology Expert | Sisecam

Bob Stark |Global Head of Market Strategy Kyriba

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